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I hope you will enjoy browsing. There is a selection of photos, poems and essays for you to see including photos from my recent  poetry tours in the United States.                                                             The itinerary for the forthcoming autumn tour of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia is below but note there are some dates still available.                                                              If If you are interested in booking me for an evening of readings or workshops either in the UK or overseas I'd be pleased to hear from you - you'll find all the details under 'Availability'. 

THE FOURTH PLINTH, LONDON                                                                    Bryan spent an hour reading his poetry on the Fourth Plinth in London's Trafalgar Square on Thursday, 13th August as part of Antony Gormley's living arts project 'One & Other'. To view Bryan go to www.oneandother.co.uk/participants/BRYAN_O

US AUTUMN POETRY TOUR                                                                                       Thursday, 1st October: Teaching with Philadelphia Futures, Philadelphia PA
Friday, 2nd October: Teaching in the Philadelphia School, Philadelphia PA

Saturday, 3rd October: 7.00-10.00pm An Evening with Bryan Owen at Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church, 2212 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA  
Sunday, 4th October: 10.30am Preach at Youth Eucharist, Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church and 11.45-1.30pm Lead Adult Reflection, Philadelphia PA 
Tuesday, 6th October: 1:00-2.15pm Poetry Reading & Writing Workshop at Defiance College, Defiance OH and 7:00-8.30pm Poetry Reading at Defiance Public Library, Defiance OH 
Sunday, 11th October: 10.30  Preach and assist: Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Pittsburgh PA
Tuesday, 13th October: 7.00pm Poetry Reading at Grandview Heights Public Library, 1685 West First Avenue, Columbus, OH            

Thursday, 15th October: 6.00pm Poetry reading at Mary Lou Johnson-Hardin County District Library, Kenton, OH 
Sunday, 18th October: 10.30 Preach at St Matthew’s Episcopal Church, N. Hubbard's Lane, Louisville KY
Tuesday, 20th October: (evening) Lead creative writing class at Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV 

(I still have availability 7th-10th October in Cincinnati area and 16th-17th October in Kentucky/Indiana)

Here is a poem to whet your appetite - written while I was on election duty in Fiji in 2006. 

I sat on the old wooden veranda
early one gentle island morning.
Heavy rain had awoken me
but the night’s sticky air had cleared
with the rising of the sun.

I sat watching the waves
crashing on the reef not far distant
as they had been doing
for thousands of years
before men wondered why.

The dark, heavy rain clouds slowly thinned
and as the light of a new day strengthened
God used all the colours in the Divine palette
to paint the sky
in lighter shades of glory.

A fruit bat flew home to roost -
her night’s work done.
A silver dew covered the grass
as the mynah bird sang her morning song.
I sat entranced
at the start of this perfect new day
and thanked God I was alive.

© Bryan Owen 2006

Bryan Owen on election duty for the European Union Observation Team in Fiji 2006. The sulu wrap-around was compulsory wear out of respect for Fijian culture. Sadly, Fiji's democratic government elected in May was overthrown in an army coup in October.

And here is the title poem of the newly-released CD!

A gentle sprinkling of stars 

I spied a gentle sprinkling of stars
at the end of a crisp winter’s day
far beyond our red angry Mars
or the homely Milky Way.

Their light set off in particle-waves
as Neanderthals suffered the shock
of our violent ancestors stealing their caves
and daubing pictures on rock.

That was long before history began
when Earth was ruled by our earliest kin;
those stars witnessed the ascent of Man
and Creation groaning in sin.

Sin is out of fashion now
in our irreligious times
but man still visits upon man
the wickedest of crimes –

the wickedest of crimes, I say,
through bullet, bomb and gun;
God forbid that stellar light
find other men circling another Sun.

© Bryan Owen 2009

Permission is granted for the single non-profit use of any of my poems as long as correct authorship and copyright ownership is acknowledged.